Sunday, October 01, 2006

Interview With A Flat Earther

As I reported here the BBC exposed Exxon Mobiles funding of Global Warming Deniers. The new flatearth lobby. The Competitive Enterprise Insititute promotes questioning the science of climate change. Unfortunately their spokespeople are less credible than those whom they question as a BBC TV interviewer caught one of them out. Something, of course, the U.S. Media fails to do.

BBC Reporter interviews Myron Ebell from the Competitive Enterprise Institute;

"Mr Ebell, you are not a scientist. It is clear that many people on your side of the fence are misrepresenting the arguments. You yourself described the government’s chief scientific advisor in this country of “knowing nothing about climate science”. He is at least a scientist. Now, do you see the problem that respectable scientists have with the sort of points made by organizations such as yours? "


Global Warming

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