Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tortoise or Turtle

The U.S. contines to refuse to consider handing over control of the Internet to a UN style body like the International Telecommunications Union, because it might be too slow to implement rules and technology.

Well that's the excuse, the reality is of course the Americans need to maintain their monopoly over the Internet. Financial Times is reporting that the Department of Commerce is going to wait another three years before selling off the Internet (tm) (c) to ICANN the private corporate overseer of the Internet.

But irony of ironies ICANN has been accussed of being too slow to recognize new
Internet domain names in languages other than English. Which is why the EU and others want the UN to run the Internet like it does the ITU.

So which is slower the Tortoise or the Turtle.

Bottom line as I have said here before, we need the Internet to be organized based on something like the ITU which had the support of anarchists like Peter Kropotkin when it was formed.

Martin van Creveld, The Rise and Decline of the State, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1999

- The foundation of the International Telegraph Union "which took place in 1865 marked the first time when states created an organization in which they themselves were members but which at the same time had a legal person of its own as well as a permanent staff and a permanent headquarters at which it could be reached." "... in 1932 the organization was transformed into the International Telecommunication Union." (p. 382)
- "Serving as a model for others to come, the ITU was followed by the International Postal Union (1874) and the International Bureau of Weights and Standards (1875)." (pp. 382-383)
- "By 1984 the number of intergovernmental organizations, which had stood at 123 in 1951 and 280 in 1972, reached 395." (p. 383)

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