Sunday, October 01, 2006

Catholics and Republicans

What does the Catholic Church and Republicans in Congress have in common?
They both cover up for pedophiles.

GOP leaders knew of Foley e-mail in '05

Pope 'led cover-up of child abuse by priests'

It is the crisis of the instrumentality of governance, authoritarian state structures like the Vatican and the American Political State are prone to psychotic paranoia over maintaining power, which means they cover up rather than admit the truth.

And the media usually acts as an abetting force as it did in the case of Foley.

Efforts to reach the boy were unsuccessful, but he told the St. Petersburg Times last November, "I thought it was very inappropriate. After the one about the picture, I decided to stop e-mailing him back." The Times didn't publish the comments until Friday.

In the U.S. it is considered child abuse for old men in political office to send sexual emails to pages. In Alberta it is ok for drunken abusive old men in political office to throw books at pages


Child Abuse

Catholic Abuse


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