Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Does This Load Faster

I get comments on how slow this blog loads.

Now I understand that some problems occur due to my links on the side. However it also is the problem with the need for instant gratification we have become used to on the internet. With high speed loading and broadband ISP's the average websurfer expects instant gratification.

"People make instantaneous judgements about whether to stay on a site, and if a site doesn't give the right impression users will bypass it," said Dr Jim Jansen, Assistant Professor at IST.

The average wait time is not minutes nor even a half minute it is mere seconds, 2 to 4 seconds and then folks move on. If a page does not appear immediately they leave.

As one wag called it; What I Want Is Instant Results, WIWIIR.

Well I guess if I want readers I will have to make my page more time efficient for loading. Though it does load faster if you keep it in your cache.

So I have removed some of the widgets, dodahs, etc. on the sidebar, does it load faster now? And I seem to have solved the pop-up problem.

Let me know if this loads faster now.

And while your at it check this out;

Penn State Study

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Study: Two-Thirds Of Searchers Click On First Results Page

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Werner Patels said...

Yes, I just tried it, and it was much faster than the last article I checked out on your site a few hours ago.



Dirk Buchholz said...

Your site does load real slow.Yes some people want instant access or they move on.But in your case this is a understandable issue.I find myself wanting to read your posts but on more occasions than not,it just takes to long.
You might consider limiting the number of posts that appear on the front page.Something on your blog is causing popups,even though I have popups blocked.It might have to do with the many links and image links in your sidebars.
Just a little friendly advice your site is very busy.And I would bet this causes many to click on by.
You might also change who you allow comments from.Right now you only allow those bloggers that have "Blogger Acount",you should also allow"others"(many readers will not leave comments due to the fact they must first register with "Blogger")this applies for those who have blogs/sites on others templates than that of "Blogger".Anonymous comments will still not be allowed.I just use my old Blogger id though I would rather be able to use my own site's url.That is so if you or readers want to find out more about who left the comment,when they click on the name ones site will popup.Anyway just a few thought.
My site is:

eugene plawiuk said...

Dirk did it load faster this time? As for the comments I have that on to avoid spammers. I found the comments getting spammed and having the Blogger account activated eliminated that problem.

Dirk Buchholz said...

Seems much better now.Regarding the comments.I understand the reason regarding spam etc.But you have three options anonymous,other and blogger.If you allow other and blogger.This will still block anonymous comments and spam etc .The "other" just allows thos with blogs or sites on other than the Blogger Site can sign in using their name,e-mail,and url."word verification" still applies

eugene plawiuk said...

Ok folks I have cleaned up the page even more in order to get rid of link drag and pop ups does this work better? And on Dirks suggestion I have enabled open comments hoping that the word verification will eliminate spammers.

Balbulican said...

This is infinitely better. To be honest, I seldom visited your page: I always enjoyed it when I did, but it sometimes took up to three minutes to load.

VAST improvement. Well done.

eugene plawiuk said...

Its a radical make over that my readership demanded. So thanks to all you who bitched about the page design.
Your valid complaints have been heard.
Seriously I want to thank all of you who emailed me offline as well as those who commented in earlier blog postings about the page problems. Remember you can fight city hall.