Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Chinese Take Lessons from PMO

Looks like PM Harper gave Chinese President Hu some tips on how to handle the media when they had their brief meeting in Hanoi this weekend.

No queries please, we’re Chinese

The usual practice in New Delhi is for reporters to gather at Hyderabad House, where talks are being held between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Hu.

After the talks, the leaders step out to read out a written statement after which they answer two questions — one from the Indian reporters and the other from the visiting media contingent.

But what happened yesterday was a first. While reporters were allowed to hear both Singh and Hu make their opening statements and sit through the signing of 13 agreements, no questions were allowed. Most Indian reporters went back grumbling, wanting to know why they had been invited if they were only expected to wait and listen.

It later emerged that questions were disallowed to accommodate the visitors. In China, the media is not allowed to question the Communist Party leaders.

Just like in Canada.



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