Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Old News

The Edmonton Journal has discovered blogs about the PC Leadership race and that they are having an influence on the campaign. Partisan conservative bloggers that is.

Blogs wield online influence in campaign
Information first published in blogs carries impact, garners thousands of hits

Whats this with the inordiante fascination of the MSM with Conservative bloggers, I thought the media was dominated by lefty liberals.

Bloggers influencing elections and leadership races is old news. Just as this is.

For all the Lethbridge audience knew at the final candidates' debate last Friday, Ted Morton was unleashing new details on Jim Dinning. But Morton's jab at Dinning for sending a note and a $25,000 corporate cheque to Liberal leadership candidate Paul Martin in 2002 was already old news on the Internet. In fact, online Progressive Conservative partisans had been talking about it 10 days ago.

Yeah well I posted about this as did other progressive bloggers over 115 days ago back in July. And we all got it from the same source, Paul Wells at Macleans. So lets give credit where credit is due. It came from the lefty liberal media.It did not come from the PC bloggers, but they have used it to slam Dinning.


Conservative Leadership Race

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