Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Another Anarchist Blog

Nice to find another Western Canadian anarchist/ libertarian socialist blogger. Shagya Blog.

Anyone up for creating a Canadian Libertarian/Anarchist blog aggregator?





Libertarian Socialism

Libertarian Communism


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Larry Gambone said...

Sounds like an idea, alrighty. But how many of us are there out there I wonder?

Larry Gambone said...

I just found another Canuck A blog, see

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning my (shagya)blog. I have yet to get my links section worked out but I will add yours to the list eventually. An aggregator sounds good.

elraun said...

we ( ) host dozens of anarchist/lefty feeds on our site. you can login (accounts are free) and post your feed info and we'll aggregate it for you. go to "create->add news feed" from the main menu. eugene knows how to get hold of me (or look around the site) if you run into trouble.


eugene plawiuk said...

Yep I post at Mostly Water regularly though Ron edits posts so not all of them make it. Ron would it be possible for us to create a blogger aggregator on MW just for Canadian anarchist blogs?
Maybe call it @can or eh'can