Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Mozart

Mozart's year-long 250th birthday party is ending on a high note with the musical scores of his complete works available from Monday for the first time free on the Internet.

The International Mozart Foundation in Salzburg, Austria has put a scholarly edition of the bound volumes of Mozart's more than 600 works on a Web site.

Mozart was a Freemason. And a composer of 'popular' music for the masses.

No it ain't hip hop, but it ain't stuffy aristocratic syncophany like
Antonio Salieri produced.





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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I looked very quickly around the German site attached to the IMF home page but there does not seem to be any audio dsownloads or copies of scores. Maybe they're hiding. This might be difficult to do but would be ideal, even if this requires some type of payment by users. It would be nice to load winamp or MP3 files and make up CDs rather than paying money to retail stores which only seem to carry intelligent music as an afterthought.