Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Elizabeth May Catholic Grrl

Elizabeth May the leader of the Green Party stuck her foot in it big time. A side comment during the London Byelection has led to much debate over the Green Party leaders position, wishy washy at best, on a womans right to choose and how she feels queasy about abortions. What folks keep forgetting is that Liz is a Catholic.

And no matter how 'progressive' she is, and considering the right wing economic policies of the Greens, and their new right wing leadership, that designation is questionable.

She is influenced by her upbringing and the Catholic teachings she embraced, no matter how 'progressive' they appear.


Elizabeth May


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Anonymous said...

Is it all that surprising that a Catholic would feel "queasy" over the abortion topic? No.

Does that make the Green party a right wing party on the Canadian spectrum? I wouldn't say that.

"Right-wing" like Reform/Canadian Alliance/CPC right-wing? Or "right-wing" like Progressive Conservative "right-wing"? Or do you even think there is a difference?

I'd call the Green's economic platform centrist and/or fiscally conservative. "Right-wing" might be a touch too far.

As far as May being a "right-winger": I'd sooner say she's a granola munching, tree loving hippie that goes to mass at Christmas, over a Manning/Day/Harper-esque leader.

So she's on the right side of the Christian spectrum on the issue of Abortion. That does not make her a "right-winger". I'm on the left side of the Christian spectrum when it comes to Abortion - that doesn't make me a left-winger all around.

Is this stemming from a fear that the GPC might swallow up votes from both the CPC and NDP?

ps - great post.

Anonymous said...

She is Anglican.

"As a practicing Anglican, it is always a joy to experience a familiar liturgy, as comfortable as a cozy quilt, in a new and unfamiliar place."

Elizabeth May's blog

Scott said...

Awww, come on...that's an unfair generalization, don't you think? Sure, the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church is anti-choice (among other things), but I know lots of people who grew up Catholic (some of whom still actively practice) that are very assertively pro-choice no matter what Rome says.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't everyone feel queasy about abortions? Isn't that why everyone hates the graphic signs that have as of late been used by the pro-life side? I always just thought that for the pro-choice side the queasiness is overshadowed by the perceived benefit to the woman.

Anyways, progressive is kind of a buzz word that doesn't really mean anything anymore. To me this post says, 'because you are Catholic, or Anglican, whatever the case may be, you're a puppet of Bush.'

Very clever.

eugene plawiuk said...

Yes May is Anglican however as I said her economic ideology is Catholic. And last time I check Anglicanism is simply Catholicism without the pope.
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