Wednesday, December 13, 2006

From LouisianaTo Tehran

White Wascist David Duke, former Louisiana Republican Senator, former KKK Grand Wiz and now Pro Palestinian Anti Zionist (sic) was in Tehran for the IslamoFascist Anti-Holocaust Convention.

David Irving would have been but he was still in jail in Austria. So inquirying minds want to know, will David Duke be allowed back in the US of A? And friends like these the Palestianians do NOT need.

This is even funnier...
Reuters: David Duke Is An “American Academic”

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Leon said...

I think David Duke should stay in Iran.

How do you create your tagcentral tags? A friend of mine created a technorati tag generator.

eugene plawiuk said...

See my article on tagging for a link to the tagger. It tags more than just technocrati

Comrade Agopian said...

Of course Duke will be allowed back into the USofA. If he was not,there would be a thousand and one bourgeois liberal civil rights groups yelling to the heavens.