Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Deck Chairs on Tory Titanic

Moving the deck chairs. In doing so Oda loses out.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will shunt aside embattled Environment Minister Rona Ambrose early next month in favour of one of his top lieutenants, sources tell The Canadian Press.

Jim Prentice, Indian affairs minister and head of cabinet's powerful operations committee, is expected to take on the pivotal environment portfolio.

He is to be replaced at Indian Affairs by Peter Van Loan, now heading up the Intergovernmental Affairs Department, say government and Conservative party sources

Pete Van who???

And the removal of Prentice from Indian Affairs, which is his personal peccadilo, has upset at least one Blogging Tory.

And where does Ambrose go, well where she came from Intergovernmental affairs.

Will she be in denial after todays story?

Environment Minister Rona Ambrose told reporters Monday: "I know that my position has been widely publicized by the media, but so far there doesn't appear to be any takers," she said







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