Wednesday, December 20, 2006

PM's Toughest Decision

Was not to send our men and women in dangers way in Afghanistan. Nope. No need for any thought about that. It was the post election victory Photo Op for Mr. Macho.

Nope his toughest decision was to Tax Income Trusts.

2006 death toll in Afghanistan - 37

The majority after Harper moved troops to Kandahar

Total Casualties- 45

Total Wounded- 111

At least 110 injured Canadian soldiers have been flown to the centre for treatment since Canada began its mission in Afghanistan in early 2002. Of those, about 100 have gone to the hospital in the past year.

Another soldier was injured the other day by a landmine. As many Candian soldiers have been injured by landmines and accidents as by enemy IED's.

Total Cost of War in Afghanistan- $9 Billion

Current Death Toll from Income Trust Taxation - 0

Total Wounded- 0

Total Cost of Income Trust Tax Announcement - $20 Billion

The income trust sector plunged in the wake of the federal government's bombshell announcement of tax changes, and it dragged the TSX index down with it. Analysts described a bloodbath as income trust investors saw more than $20 billion in paper losses, and pulled out of companies that had planned on converting to the legal structure.

Yep that sure was a tough decision to make. The toughest. A real bloodbath versus a financial one.

So whats the price of our soldiers lives? Why the cost of Glory and Fame.

Soldiers' deaths in Afghanistan the price of leadership: Harper

They whom serve give their lives not for freedom, nor Canada, nor Afghanistan's liberation, nor against terrorism, but for the vain glory of the RH Stephen Harper, PM.

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Geoffrey Laxton said...

Why doesn’t Harper leave us Canadian tax payers alone and slay the real dragon of the Taliban and Al Queda in Afghanistan and the fact that our world is undergoing drastic climate change. We need to focus on that instead of Harper shooting himself in the foot by destroying average Canadian’s wealth. People would love to rally around any leader who would focus on the War on Terror and the Environment, why did he have to go and ruin things with this misguided income trust tax!! Admit it, the Liberals were booted out, not just because of the Gommery Commission, but because they threatened to tax seniors income trust distributions!

Anonymous said...

Ha. Usually politicians are careful not to let on to the reality that they value money over people. Harper slipped up here, and told the truth!