Wednesday, December 20, 2006

l'affaire de Lavigne

Never under estimate the power of the blogosphere....

Turning on their own With their party sinking in the polls, New Democrat bloggers are starting to get cranky

Kady O'Malley, | Updated Tuesday, December 19, 2006, at 22:45 EST

Not the news story of the week the Communications wonks would have liked to see, but the one they created.

Not about the Party but about messaging and the messanger. Hell hath no fury like blogger scorn.

But never say Dippers only bitch and complain, Devin Johnson is offering a mitt full of good suggerstions.NDP Online Communications: Consulations Part I

And as a former chair of Communications and Strategy I concur.

Alberta put the NDP on the internet map back in the 1997 election. That was before the Democrats, or Dean. Alberta had the first election web sites in Canada battling it out during that election. The web was key to getting the message out. By the next election in 2000, it was a wide spread phenomena.

It hit its stride with the last Federal Election with real bloggers blogging about the election for CTV and CBC websites as well as election blogs in most major newspapers.

And while the Federal NDP have done some good things with their webpage and web prescence, like hip hop Ed, the Paul Martin Flag Ship campaign, etc. these were all Communications driven, they don't understand citizen media.

Whereas it was candidates pages like Linda Duncan, Edmonton Strathcona, that blogged, and linked to bloggers stories about her campaign, good and bad comments.

But the Federal Party had nothing. And since then as I said their blogging efforts are amatuerish at best; "Hi I'm Charlie from Timmins." But it is their sad lack of content compared to real Dipper bloggers, that is the embarassment.

The roar that will occur over this Macleans article will in all likelyhood turn on the big bad blogosphere and how dare we undermine party messaging. To late for that, the party communications wonks took care of that already, for the past four months.


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