Tuesday, December 19, 2006

We Did It, Brad Removed

From the NDP web page as their Director of Communications.

Media Contacts

Canada’s NDP
Joanne Deer, Director of Communications
(613) 236-3613 x2228

NDP Leader
Karl Belanger, Leader’s Media Officer
(613) 995-6767

NDP Caucus
Ian Capstick, Caucus Media Officer
(613) 995-8259

A correction that was not there yesterday or earlier this morning.

Reminds me a little of the Stalin School of Falsification; now you see Trotsky, now you don't.

Photos: Pictures that lie

Of course Brad is still being the caucus mouthpiece, so my criticism still stands. New Communications director or not.

The Deer has to prove herself, and one way will be to see what happens to Brad. But don't expect too much, she has only been on the jobe since October. October.

And they only changed the NDP Web Page, today. Today being December 19. That's a pretty sttep learning curve for such a simple thing. Hello appointed in October and only chaning the web page now. And only after we blogged about it in the context of Brad's numerous failures.

Joanne is also selective in whom she emails, I still didn't get her missive she sent.
I blogged, got email address, comment space. Hmm selective in whom she communicates with.

Hey Joanne I am on the email list, and party donor list, Blogging Dippers list, email you guys regularly with comments. Did I mention I am on the PAC? Hey.....

Yoo Hoo over here. Waving at ya.

The NDP communications gurus still don't get it. Hello, the blogosphere is important. And just assigning your inept crew to blog occassionally , from your own convention or the Liberals, is pathetic and patronising to real Dipper bloggers.

And shows you still agree with Brad that blogging is irrelevant to the NDP.


Brad Lavigne


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bigcitylib said...

Fire all the staffers you want. I hope Jack is taking a good hard look at himself in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

If getting the website changed is a win, then it's a win.

Fundamentally, the NDP message sucks.

The NDP is either in bed with Harper on allegedly clean air and other issues or it's not.

Harper would like them on side. It helps him.

New Democrats have to decide if they are comfortable as Harper's poodle.

It's not Brad's fault that:

a) THE MESSAGE SUCKS. (Yes, I'm shouting.)

The NDP is unclear in its messaging around opposition to the current government. We know Layton opposed the previous government after he successfully blackmailed and subsequently supported it.

It becomes confusing for normal people.

b) Layton's playing both sides in this Parliament.

It's either black, white or grey. Despite Layton's inspiration around allegedly clean air, this government is not green.

No matter waht Jack gets from them on the environment, he's on the wrong side. It seems to be an unnecessary risk. Elizabeth May and Stephane Dion don't appear to be on the wrong side of green issues.

Unlike this government, I don't need three strikes.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you've attracted some attention: