Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Precocious Two Year Old

I am, I am. This blog is now two years old. The last of the original four I launched. Perhaps not the last just the survivor which is kept active.

And if you want to see the first post go here, it also has alot of the old widgets, links and design. But it loads fast.

this is post number 3189.

Which means that by the end of 2006 I will have blogged 4000 articles in two years.

Not only precocious but prolific, pontificating, political, punditry.

I have been a DIY web publisher/ activist for ten years now.

Just Shoppers' Guide

NO. 2 April 1996

Sports Shoes

Nike, Adidis, Puma, Hi-Tec, and Reebok all sub-contract the actual manufacturing to suppliers in China, the Phillipines, Thailand, or Indonesia, where wages are low. The following extract, from "When Corporations Rule the World" by David C. Korten, published by Earthscan, 1995, details Nike, which is one of the worst offenders.
An article from Clean Clothes Campaign, a Dutch organisation, is excellent reading on the sports shoe debate.

Another article by CCC on the continuous search by transnationals for cheaper labour in theclothing industry

Eugene Plawiuk writes a piece on recent action against Nike in Canada.

The politics of corruption in the 21st century

Cargill (under its subsidiary Excel) controls 22% of the market. . . . As a commodity broker, it buys and sells food and other commodities trying to get the best price for itself, regardless of the effects on the producer or consumer or their own workers’. 41



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Eugene Plawiuk "No World Series?! Hec there's always baseball on PBS! ... As late as 1995, Australian Courts took the view that, unless a patent involved ...
www.piper-alderman.com.au/piperald.nsf/IPTBody/9999/$file/SportsMarketing.pdf -

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The Future of Labor’s Past

John Summers

This article was originally published in Labor History 40, 1 (February 1999): 69-79 and is reprinted here with permission. Another site presents an electronic version of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn’s "Memories of the Industrial Workers of the World",39

LabourStart: Labour Web Site of the Week - Previous Weeks

8 May 1997

Eugene Plawiuk's Site (Canada)


Eugene Plawiuk works as a janitor in a school in Edmonton, Alberta. He's a trade union and socialist activist, working on labour education at the provincial level (for the Alberta Federation of Labor), helping the Alberta New Democrats slowly get back into the provincial parliament, and serving on the executive committee of his local trade union (CUPE). In his spare time (when does he have spare time?) he has established a website that would be the envy of major international trade union organizations -- if they understood the web well enough to be envious.

Eugene has a comprehensive global strike page, a (very popular) Nike page, the best list of Spanish Civil War links on the Web, dozens (hundreds?) of articles on trade unionism, social issues, the Internet, etc. When you visit this site, set aside some quality time for your PC. Relax into a comfortable chair. There's lots of good reading here.




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Devin Johnston said...

Congrats on the huge achievement! You are an inspiration and legend to the blogging left.

eugene plawiuk said...

Thanks and I am a legend in my own mind too, some would say. Others might be nastier.

Leon said...