Thursday, September 14, 2006

Peter Heart Condi

Gone but not forgotten.

The day after Condi left Peter for important affairs of state and not just affairs of the heart, the media is all gossip about the romance of the Maritimes.

When has that ever happened, that reporting on a visit to Timmies and lobster dinner the night before took precidence over a terror attack in the Middle East........

Holding her Timmies coffee addressing the crisis in Syria as Peter looked longingly on, the media finally catch on to Le Affaire.

"She learned a little bit more about life in Atlantic Canada ... She learned about important things, like a double-double," MacKay said, raising laughter.

The media have finally noticed what we in the blogosphere already figured out, that after Belinda, Peter has found solace in the ocean breezes shared in his hometown with his favorite American gal. Rice warms to 'cool, Atlantic breezes'

Rice, MacKay have good 'professional relationship,' US State Dept

Rumour mill churning over the MacKay-Rice relationship

Playing 'Match Up' Diplomacy With Condi

When `stars' collide

Rice laughs off romance rumours

Rice keeps her cool as papers play matchmaker

Condi reaches accord with Canadian envoy

When Condi flies north, diplomatic gossips feel the earth move

Gossips match Rice with Canadian MP

Times has fun with Peter, Condi connection

Foreign affairs, indeed

Rice is above the clouds with Peter MacKay

Condi and the Bachelor


To bad none of them got the obvious headline....Cougar spotted in Pictou County.

Though I think this headline says it almost as well;
Rice-MacKay romance 'good laugh'

Of course there are always spoil sports in the blogosphere that think more important issues should have been discussed such a softwood lumber, northern sovereignty, or global warming. But I say pishaw the warm relations between Peter and Condi are a lot more fun. Lighten up. Besides I am sure that Peter's mind was on wood but not the soft kind.

We Canadians are a nation that would rather make love than war, and in this case Le Affaire Peter and Condi certainly has warmed the cockles of our hearts. Especillay after the five year old belated thank you for 9/11. And this is very much different than how we see U.S. Canada relations between Bush and Harper....
Canadians Don't Like Harper's Romance with Bush

And though both of them are warmongers, this is Atlantic Canada afterall home of romance. Witness the success of gay marriage cruises in Halifax Harbour organized by Rosie O'Donnell. Indeed there may be actually something to all this since the Blogging Tories were noticeably silent abou it.

But Condi can be tough, indeed look at who Rice attacked on her visit with Peter; his arch nemisis Jack Layton....
Rice hammers NDP Plank , The cougar defends her boy. Bet it's not just the NDP she hammered. Payback for the Timmies, maybe?

GALLANT GESTURE: Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay reaches for his wallet yesterday before U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice can pay at a Tim Hortons coffee shop in Pictou, N.S. But the cashier trumped MacKay's largesse: The beverages were on the house.
. Foreign relations? (2:32)
CNN's Jeanne Moos has a romantic take on Condoleezza Rice's visit with her Canadian counterpart (September 13)

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