Thursday, February 08, 2007

Abortion, Adoption, or Abandonment

While fetus fetishists like to claim that they are protecting the unborn, they forget the mother who gives birth.

And while they denounce abortion and promote adoption there is another alternative for those women whose upraising is such that it denies them sex education or teaches them abstinence through fear of sex.

It is called infanticide. In this case it was abandonment, but it could have ended tragically.

The mother of a newborn baby girl found abandoned in sub-zero temperatures in Saskatoon is a confused, isolated teenager with no family support, police say.

The 18-year-old abandoned her newborn in sub-zero temperatures on the back step of a house Saturday morning after giving birth through the night.

Saskatoon police described the mother as a student living on her own, who comes from "a very difficult background" and has no family in the city.

"You have a very confused 18-year-old girl, without support, without friends in town, and she felt isolated, I think that probably describes her attitude or confused state -- not knowing what to do, clearly not being in a position to care for a child," Staff Sgt. Kirby Harmon told reporters Tuesday.

It is clear to me that we need to have comprehensive sex education and family life education not as voluntary programs but as compulsory in public schools.

Cases like this cry for the licensing of people to be parents. Just because you can procreate does not mean you are suitable to be a parent as the thousands of cases of child abuse prove. We license cars, guns, doctors, pilots, lawyers, teachers, etc.

Parenting is not natural it is learned there is reason for the saying "it takes a village to raise a child", because prior to the rise of the nuclear family, it was the village or extended family; tribe, clan that raised children as a collective effort.

Nor should birth be forced on women as being natural, their fate due to biology. Not in this day and age of birth control. Even if we are still waiting for a male birth control pill after forty years.

But the same folks that oppose abortion as a choice, oppose sex education also oppose birth control and in Canada and the United States they are the dominant special interest lobby.

Which is why their anti-sex politics are an emotional plague that infected this poor woman and led her to be wracked by guilt. Guilt for having sex, for having the baby, for giving birth. And she disposed of her guilt on someone else's doorstep.

Only the liberation of the natural capacity for love in human beings

can master their sadistic destructiveness.

Wilhelm Reich, on Sigmund Freud's hope




Sex education


Emotional Plague

Wilhelm Reich

Feminizing the Proletariat

Kids Are Commodities

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1 comment:

Hailey said...

You really do have some very nasty stereotypes for people who hold different values than yourself.

Firstly, I would like to say that I do not forget that the mother gives birth - particularly since I've done childbirth myself. It's rather memorable.

I also don't think that you should promote the stereotype that people hwo are prolife are "denied sex education" as many people who are pro-life - most - have gone through the public school system and had the secular teachings on birth control.

I also disagree with you that abstinence is taught through fear of sex. I am certain you've never attended a discussion on abstinence within the pro-life movement so I don't think that you can say that and have credibility.

What happened to the baby in Saskatoon is really quite tragic. Our whole society had a responsibility to be a supportive resource to her when her family was unable or unwilling to be.

My impression is that comprehensive sex education and family life education is attended by the vast majority of children as few parents force the issue of exemption.

I do disagree with the information being compulsory - my kids aren't public property.

While I do not want to discourage anyone from drawing on a supportive community of family and friends to help them I do not support the whole concept of "It takes a Village" generically for families.

I also disagree with you that people who are against abortion oppose birth control. The majority of people who are pro-life use birth control. You would be right to say that people who are PERSONALLY against birth control for their own life are over-represented in the pro-life when you compare the numbers to the general population.

I do not know that this woman who abandoned her baby to the cold was a person that spent time with pro-life people or who had any pro-life influences. That's a big jump!