Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anti-Intellectual Tories

Remember this; "There's been a lot of research," Oda says. "So when you look at millions of dollars that has gone to studying, we believe that now is the time to start doing something about the facts that we know."

Well its the same argument John Baird used in the House yesterday justifying cuts to environmental research in Canada.

Northern Climate Exchange + -

Mr. Speaker, the greatest impact of climate change in the world is on Canada's Arctic.

The Conservatives have claimed they are now finally concerned about the impacts of climate change, but on March 31 the government will close the Northern Climate Exchange which does important tracking and research both nationally and internationally. Why is the government again turning its back on the north?

There is still time for the minister to reverse his ridiculous decision. Will he commit to do that today?

Mr. Speaker, the government recognizes the importance to act on greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change is having a huge effect not just on Canada, but particularly in our Arctic.

However, this government believes that the time has finished to talk about things, to study things, to reach into promoting things. The time has come to act. That is why this government is taking real action on climate change reduction. We introduced equal energy initiatives, more energy efficiency and more clean energy.

The Reform/Alliance/Conservative party has always had a bee in its bonnet about academic research, along with their pals in the National Citizens Coalition (NCC), Harpers former employer.

When they were in opposition MP John Williams published an annual review of government waste, which often focused on humanities research grants to academics.

And now they are the New Government in Canada they refuse to fund academic research that conflicts with their social conservative agenda.

When the Tories take 'action' it results in cuts to vital ongoing research.


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Tory Cuts



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