Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Strange Bedfellows

You know the climate change deniers have officially joined the Flat Earth society when their major spokesperson publishes his work in Lyndon LaRouche's conspiratorial publication; Executive Intelligence (sic) Review.

Yep that puts them squarely in the camp of conspiracy nutbars and folks who believe that humans lived with dinosaurs.

Of course LaRouche and his followers are the original climate change deniers, who have spent the past thirty years promoting nuclear power.

Of course it is all about the company you keep. And it seems that when it comes to Climate Change there are those on the American left who also embrace the flat earth ideal.

Alex Cockburn for instance, who in keeping up with his fellow ex-Trotskyist, ex-Brit compatriot and former Nation fellow writer; Christopher Hitchens, has decided to be a contrarian.

“Peer Review” and Global Warming

There were yelps of alarm and the rustle of skirts being hoist knee-high after I published a note on sources in my column last week, Dissidents against Dogma. The panic was caused by one of the references to the work of Professor Zbigniew Jaworowski who, as I wrote, has written devastating onslaughts on the IPCC rallying cry that CO2 is higher now than it has ever been over the past 650,000 years. Jaworowski has pointed out the enormous inaccuracies in the ice-core data and the ease with which a CO2 reading from any given year is contaminated by the CO2 from entirely different eras. He also points out that from 1985 on there’s been some highly suspect editing of the CO2 data, presumably to reinforce the case for the “unprecedented levels” of modern CO2. I offered a couple of references to Jaworowski, one of them to an essay, "Ice Core Data Show No Carbon Dioxide Increase", published in 21st Century Science & Technology, Spring 1997.

It turns out that this is a publication put out by the LaRouche crowd. Next thing you know, poor Jaworowski was being accused oif being a neo-Nazi cultist, with kindred vitriol hurled at CounterPunch co-editor Cockburn.

Of course this makes sense since LaRouche is also an ex-Trotskyist. Heck isn't everybody who makes up the American neo-con right.

The problem with Hitchens and Cockburn is that they could have posed a libertarian alternative to the war in Iraq (which Hitchens supported) or to Kyoto and the capitalist crisis of the environment, which Cockburn denies. But they didn't. Instead they have like their former Trotskyist predecessors, embraced the neo-con right. Just as some of those in the so called Libertarian movement in the U.S. have over the issue of climate change.

Take Lew Rockwell, for instance. He is incredibly insightful when discussing the over bearing power of the state to make war, or the intrusion of the state into our lives. But he happily links to articles such as this one by Alexander Cockburn at Counterpunch, regurgitates the most of the so-called scientific evidence against global warming, every single bit of which has been debunked and refuted before.

It is clear from the preponderance of evidence, from the vast majority of climate scientists (a number that is growing, not shrinking) that global warming is really happening and is caused by human activity. Why, then do libertarians and anarchists refuse to accept it?

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Rhinoceruz said...

Hi Eugene, I've been trying to get an invitation to the carnival of anarchy, I have a post I'd like to post there about anarchism and ecology, I tried to contact by your e-mail but i couldn't.
Anyway, if you can help me out it'd be great,
Nicolas Espinel
my e-mail is: rhinoceruz@hotmail.com

eugene plawiuk said...

I have emailed you an invite to join the Carnival of @

Werner said...

I agree there are people on parts of both the left and right who try to promote "it's all a scam" concerning climatological problems. In a way they're a bit like folks arguing over which television channel to watch ... when they should be outside digging potatoes, or fishing or riding horses ... or whatever. Some conservatives of the slightly brighter variety will try to point at the "hippie" environmentalist .. so-named and denounce these as scientific illiterates. Then IF more knowledgable people SHOULD step forward then they are deemed to be "on the take" with "all the other statists" if they DEFEND anthrogenic arguments OR with " big business" if they say climate change is bunk. This kind of irrationality [some might call it paranoia or magical thinking] is one of the reasons scientific progress comes about slowly. There is 'power tripping' in the world of 'pure' research as in other areas. Still some things do get better.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Of course it is all about the company you keep.

I thought it was all about being right. And so far, its been the David Suzukis of the world who have been out to lunch on this topic for the better part of half a century.

eugene plawiuk said...

Another ad homien attack on Suzuki. Any other strawmen you would like to set up and knock down with nary a fact.

marry said...

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