Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mrs. PM Stay At Home Mom

Barbara Smith of Calgary shares something in common with Laureen Teskey aka Mrs. Stephen Harper. They are both professionals from Calgary. One has chosen to be a stay at home mom the other supports her right. Barbara's business is lobbying for tax credits for stay at home moms. Which would include 'professional' working moms; like Laureen.

Laureen Teskey Harper runs a graphic design business from the Harper/Teskey home,

Laureen Teskey, 42, wife of newly-elected Prime Minister designate Stephen Harper is by profession a graphic designer who used to run a thriving design firm in Calgary.

In fact, Ms. Teskey, who now also goes by the name of Laureen Harper, met the her future husband when she was a member of and graphic designer for the Canadian Reform Party, of which Harper was a Member of Parliament for in the 1990s.

Real working women, the majority of Canadian women, professional or wage slaves, support their families by working out side the home .

They don't have the luxury of choice, like Mrs. Stephen Harper nor of benefiting from Barbara's tax breaks.

Engendering the State: Family, Work, and Welfare in Canada -
by Nancy Christie - 2000 - Political Science - 480 pages


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