Monday, September 24, 2007

Americans Recognize Canada

The loonie has drawn the positive attention of some American's. The folks who normally pay little attention to their northern neighbours, being more concerned with their relations in Mexico.

However in the comments section of this item on global oil prices in the Houston Chronicle I found this;

Canadian money is worth the same as the dollar right now, and people are predicting it will get stronger due to their strong economy. Universal health care. Lower crime. Hmmm, what are they doing right?

Shucks just being our socialist selves.

Of course he might be a Canadian because he posted a link to this Macleans cover in his comments on an item on Iraqi refugees being allowed to enter the U.S.
His comments seem far too 'liberal' to be American.

Of course with a cover like this the U.S. media, pundits and bloggers picked up on it pretty quickly. So he might be American.

Ouch! Supersize that ouch!

The headline on the cover of the October 1 issue of Maclean's, Canada's leading newsmagazine, reads: "How Bush Became the New Saddam." The cover story to which it refers, penned by reporter Patrick Graham, summarizes "the brutal realities and strange alliances of the desperate U.S. mission" in Iraq.

Canada's Maclean's: Bush Is the New Saddam

Maclean's cover featuring Bush dressed as Saddam causing flap in US

Bush as Saddam magazine cover stirs controversy

Cover of Canadian news mag shows Bush's head on Saddam's body

Watch for the right wingers to go ballistic over this south of the border. Heck this is even more nasty than MoveOn.Org's ad on Patreaus.

The irony is that Macleans is a full of right wing conservative mouthpieces.

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