Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fix Those Balconies

Cancun hotels sure do have a lot of faulty balconies. Seems Alberta tourists have a tendency to fall to their deaths from them. After partying at local nightclubs.
Can you say cover up.

Another Canadian dies in Cancun after balcony fall
six months ago, another Alberta man fell to his death from a balcony in Cancun.

CALGARY -- Family of an Okotoks-area man who fell to his death in Cancun dispute Mexican authorities' claims that he took his own life.

Chris Morin, 30, was found dead outside a resort hotel early Thursday after he apparently fell from a fourth-floor balcony.

The Associated Press reported Friday that Mexican authorities suspect the death was a suicide, a claim rejected by Morin's sister, Tina Shipley.

CALGARY - The grieving family of an Okotoks man is disputing claims by Mexican authorities that he committed suicide by leaping to his death off a fourth-storey hotel balcony in Cancun.

Mexican police say that Christopher James Morin's diary, found in his Costa Maya Barcelo hotel room, indicated he was depressed.

But a distraught Tiffany Ennis, Morin's longtime girlfriend, said Saturday that Morin gave no signs that he was suicidal.

"He was so excited. He put his foot in the ocean and he was going to go surfing the next day," said Ennis, who received a late-night text message from Morin on Wednesday, talking about his plans.

"He'd never been on a trip before. It was his dream to swim in the ocean," Ennis said through tears.

Morin, 30, and a friend, Joseph Clayton, arrived for a sunny resort holiday on Wednesday. By Thursday he was dead. Hotel staff found his body at 6 a.m., lying on a tiled patio beneath his room.

And the government still has not issued a travel warning about Mexico.


Mexican Cover Up Redux

Mexican Murder Cover Up

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Kuri said...

I just got back from that area. Nothing happened to me - but then I guess I know a bit better when to stop drinking. Having met the first victim once (I grew up up north) I don't think either of these are suicides - nor murders. Accidents, most likely, with contributions from excessive consumption of drugs and alcohol.

Cliff said...

Tourists in Mexican hotels seem to fall off of balconies at almost the same rate that prisoners in South African jails used to fall down flights of stairs.

eugene plawiuk said...

And coincidently the same rate as Italian anarchists commit suicide by throwing themselves out of police holding cell windows.