Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Boycott Canadian Blog Awards

I Am Boycotting the Canadian Blog Awards.

No problem doing that since I am not a finalist.

The "Best Damn Left Wing Blog in Canada" is not a finalist, heck it's not even a category.

Better luck next year guys maybe you will move beyond Conservative and Progressive as categories. Like best Blogging Tory, Best Liblog, Best Dipper, Best Green, Best Marxist Leninist,Best Libertarian, Best Anarchist, Best Socialist, Best Trotskyist, Best Grucho Marxist,etc. might broaden the minimalist political categories that currently exist. In fact the limitations of the CBA political categories remind me of the limitations of Facebook.

And as far as Progressive being a definition of politics, its a generalization. Why indeed if we check out Progressive Bloggers we find that it is actually a front for tabloid blogging.

Yep better luck next year CBA.


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uncorrectedproofs said...

You have a truly progressive, socialist, pro-union option by voting for "Uncorrected Proofs" for best political blog, best progressive blog, best blog post series (on labour history nonetheless!) and best new blog. Sorry for the shameless plug, but help a brother out!

eugene plawiuk said...

Given I can't vote for me I will vote for you