Thursday, September 14, 2006

Malalai Joya's Speech at NDP Convention

Dear friends,

The USA is not concerned with the main cause behind terrorism in Afghanistan. That is why our people don't consider the US as "liberator" of our country.

Hope you have realized from the small parts of problems that I just shared, that my country is still in chains of bloody and terrorist fundamentalists. The situation in Afghanistan and conditions of its ill-¬fated women will never change positively, as long as the warlords are not disarmed and both the pro-¬US and anti-US terrorists are removed from the political scene of Afghanistan.

I think that no nation can donate liberation to another nation. Liberation should be achieved in a
country by the people themselves. The ongoing developments in. Afghanistan and Iraq prove this claim. .

I think if Canada and other governments really want to help Afghan people and bring positive changes, they must act independently, rather than becoming a tool to implement the wrong policies of the US government. They must align themselves to the wishes and needs of Afghan people and stop any kind of support to the warlords and reactionary and ignorant element within the system. Only by such policy, they can gain people's trust and will prove themselves as real friends of Afghan people.

We are deeply sorry for the deaths of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. If the Canadian government could not act independently rather than following Pentagon's. agenda, we are afraid the efforts of Canadian troops will first of all serve the US government and not the Afghan people.

We want the Canadian government must stress on the fact that criminals like Sayyaf, Rabbani, Qanooni, Mohaqiq, Fahim, Mullah Rakiti, the Khalqis and Parchamis should be removed from power and put on trial. The Canadian policy makers must know that warlords of the “northern alliance" are equally responsible for the plight of Afghani people and the current tragedy in Afghanistan.

I am well aware of the hardships, challenges, and death from anti-democracy forces, but I trust my people. One day they may kill me as they have gun and power and support of the US government, but they can never silence my voice and hide the truth.

Thank you

Malalai Joya

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