Thursday, September 14, 2006


The slimy trio of Liberal bloggers, Cerebeus,
and Kinsella, who engaged in a vindictive deliberate political smear and slander campaign against the NDP Candidate, DiNovo have gotten their cumupance.

NDP wins in Parkdale-High Park: Heads Must Roll

DiNovo 41%, Watson 33%

DiNovo Wins Parkdale-High Park

Cheri wins one for the Dippers

Live-Blogging: Parkdale-High Park By-Election

28457 votes in. 220 polls out of 220.
Unusually strong Conservative last poll (the advance poll).
DiNovo (NDP) 11675 (41.0%)
Watson (LIB) 9387 (33.0%)
Hutcheon (PC) 4921 (17.3%)
de Jong (GRN) 1758 (6.2%)
Gryzyma (FCP) 366 (1.3%)
McIntosh (LP) 162 (0.6%)
Ursomarzo (FP) 111 (0.4%)
Turmel (IND) 77 (0.3%)

Well, that’s all folks. DiNovo with a strong plurality of 8% and a devastating defeat for the Ontario Liberal Party.

The smear job they created was used by both Liberal Candidate Sylvia Watson and McGuinty (whom Kinsella 'advises') in the last days of the campign.

Cherniak can now explain how this is any different from Le Affair Thomas Hubert whom he and Kinsella villified and punished for far less inappropriate remarks.Time for Dion to ditch Cherniak.

And if McGuinty had any brains he would ditch Kinsella. But then again in this nasty campaign McGuinty proved he doesn't have any just like brain trust of CCK.

Cherniak and Kinsella pride themselves on being smart political operatives. Well this shows they are not.

These political scarecrows need to visit the Wizard of Oz.



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