Monday, November 13, 2006

Rememberance or Revisionism

There has been a torrent of blogging on Rememberance Day and its importance this weekend. But unfortunately there is also a mistaken belief that all the wars fought were for Freedom and Peace. Such is not the case.

As I blogged here before WWI was an Imperialist war of aggression, a useless war, one that did not produce peace and freedom.

Our warmongering PM in his speech launching Veterans Week went back so far as to include the Boer War, our first expeditionary war, another example of an Imperialist War.

While it is important to remember and respect our veterans, who believed the State Propaganda of the day that they were fighting just wars, just as todays soldiers believe the State Propaganda about Afghanistan being a just war, this is no excuse to embrace warmongering revisionist history.

War is the health of the State. There are very few just wars.

Now what really gets my goat is when progressive, left wing bloggers also get sucked into saying this stuff. Forgetting their history. Espcially galling is when it is NDP bloggers who say this stuff. As one did in his blog. They forget the CCF/NDP opposed all wars, including WWII. And they opposed forced conscription. Thank goodness for that. As I wrote in reply to this particular Dipper there was only one just war for Freedom;

The Boer War was an Imperialist war of agression by Briatin and Canadians fought in that war. WWI was an Imperialist War. The Korean War was the first hot war of the Cold War. Viet Nam was not a war but a police action which Canadians fought in as volunteers and are now recognized as 'veterans' thoubh we did not decalre war on Viet Nam nor did Canada officially suppport that war.

The only anti-fascist wars that were fought by Canadians were the volunteers who went to Spain to fight in the Spanish Civil War, who were declared illegal combatants by the Canadian State and have never been recognized as veterans, and WWII.

The fight for freedom against fascism was the only just war of all these.

And the current Tory government has opposed recognizing the volunteers who fought in Spain against Fascism as veterans! So not all Veterans in the war for Peace and Freedom were recognized in Canada this weekend.

Even the Vets who did fight in WWII did not get fair treatment from the State.
The Merchant Marines were not recognized for forty years, because they were civilian volunteers. And like returning Vets after WWI those who fought fascism came home to find no State support for them. The Night War Vets Seized the Vancouver Hotel

Not only should we Not Forget but we should also Remember the cry; Never Again War!


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