Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Deer In Headlights

It seems that the current spat over Brad Lavigne has generated some 'official' response. In this case a missive from one Joanne Deer who claims to be the NDP's official' Party' Communication Director' while Brad Lavigne is the Caucus Communications Director.

Oh really then how come the NDP offical website says this;

Media Contacts

Canada’s NDP
Brad Lavigne, Director of Communications
(613) 236-3613 x2228

NDP Leader
Karl Belanger, Leader’s Media Officer
(613) 995-6767

NDP Caucus
Ian Capstick, Caucus Media Officer
(613) 995-8259

Is there another official NDP web site we don't know about? Deer caught in headlights.

Oops, he did it again

From the great work of Stephen Taylor and Greg Staples at the Liberal Leadership convention: " Hey! It's our friend Brad Lavigne from the NDP. Director of Communications and Research " I didn't hear a correction. You know - well actually Stephen, I'm Director of Communications and Research for the NDP Caucus, not the party. BTW, someone might want to point out to Brad that this excellent work was captured, edited, published and distributed by some of those bloggers that he's dismissive of.

Clearly the message got through, the response is less than inspiring.

Hello you have a communications break down. Says who, the folks in the field being your pundits in the blogosphere.

And it seems that our Deer Communications Director is selective in who she sends her emails to. Still waiting for mine.


Brad Lavigne


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