Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Devils Dictionary Redux

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With apologies to Ambrose Bierce who had the original idea.

My definitions of some popular words and phrases.




Alberta: See One Party State

Anarchism: marxism without marx

Anarchist: feline domesticus

Feudalism by any other name

Athiest: Squatter (See GOD)

Calgary: largest American City north of the 49th Parallel

see slavery

Capitalist: a merchant/banker with mercenaries who steals
common property to make it their own

Capitalist Planning: cutting your nose to spite your face

Capital Punishment:
'legal' murder of those who oppose the capitalist.

Communism: a good idea whose time is to come

Consumer: a worker suffering a commodity fetish

Creationism: the belief that the earth is flat and Alley Oop is a historical character

a suicide that doesn't know they are dead

Democracy: will that be Coke (tm) or Pepsi (tm)

Economists: if you lined up all the economists end to end they still would not reach a conclusion. (George Bernard Shaw)

Endangered Species: A socialist in the USA

The Holy Roman Empire

Existentialism: Marxism with Hope

FreeMason (AAFM): An upperclass Englishman pretending to be a Scots Tradesman

GOD: The Landlord of the universe

Knights Templars: gods bankers, says it all (also see capitalist)

Maoism: Stalinism with a human face

I'm no marxist.

A perjorative used by Warren Kinsella to refer to someone smarter than he is.

One Party State:
a country or region ruled by one political party and its leader, Cuba, North Korea, Alberta

Buzz Hargrove

PC: Progressive Conservative,

Unless you live in Alberta where it means Party of Calgary

Plagarism: Ayn Rand (noun, improper) whose 1938 novel Anthem reads suspicously like an english translation of WE by Yevgeny Zamiatin published in Russian in 1920. Rand was Russian.

Plagarist: Premier Ralph Klein of Alberta

Political Economy:
them that has the gold makes the rules

proletarian resistance to capitalist colonialism

Pirate: a motely crew of anarchists, rebels and freethinkers

Magick made respectible

Social Democracy: socialism for liberals

Socialism: "state capitalism with electricity" V.I. Lenin

Satan: " the First Rebel " Michael Bakunin

Satanism: Catholicism without guilt

Slavery: the origin of capitalism

Stalinism: meet the new boss same as the old boss

Strategic Voting; See Opportunism

Syndicalism: the heretical idea that workers can run society themselves without bosses or the state.

: Engineers rule!

: 4 people are on an island, one creates a central committee and the other three form factions.

Wage Slave:
I Owe, I Owe, it's off to Work I Go

Witch: heretic and anarchist (Chapter 1, The History of Witchcraft, by Montaque Summers)

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