Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bitch Bitch Bitch

I love Feminist bitching in the blogosphere. As they say, you go girl. They make the usual political infighting of the boys look just sooooo tame.

This is the intellectual equivalent of catfights.

And when it comes to so called Reality TV shows like Beauty and the Geek, not a word. Nada. But hey they do trash the Geeks when it comes to their actually profiling their favorite blogger babes.

Completely ignoring the whole sexist blog culture of 25peeps. (As in 25 cent peep shows, Adults only, come in and watch porn videos in our booths).

Or the sexist presumption of such mainstream shows like Beauty and the Geek, geeks being all guys women are never geeks of course, and blonde good looking dumb guys don't exist either.

Actually the sturm and drang over the Gizmogeeks posting of his favorite blogger babes, is wee bit over the top. He at least choose to pick intelligent women who blog and are not just models. Which seems to have been lost on the feminists critizing his post. Actually to be fair they are criticizing comments to his post.

Which is rather lame considering that this particular feminist blog has been trashed by other feminists because they promote themselves with provocative T-Shirts ads showing tits.

As I said ya gotta love feminist bitching.

I will now sit back and await the slap back.




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Polly Jones said...

This is so off-base, it is not worthy of a response other than: WTF?

Anonymous said...

As they say, you go Eugene!

eugene plawiuk said...

Off base did you read the first link? Actually read the dispute? Or the comment "vomit" in regards to Geekboys rating blogger babes?

Anonymous said...

I think I'm failing to see the point.

Is it that feminists disagree sometimes?

Is it that women are responsible for their own rapes?

Is it that some people feel geek guys shouldn't try for women out of their league? ( whatever the hell that means )

As I said I'm just not getting it.

Anonymous said...

WTF is being charitable.

eugene plawiuk said...

Its not just about disagreements its about the over the top nastiness of the disagreements. The bitchyness of it all. There is no seeing one side for the other. There are merely extremes of positions, ya for rape or against it. Well of course we are against it. But when someone says that young women are being exploited by bars that then is turned on its head and is used to justify attacks that the person is claiming women are responsible for their own rapes.

There was some truth in the original article, the blog attacks were on the persons speaking, rather than on the argument.

Its much the same as the debate between pro-sex pro-porn feminists versus anti porn feminists.

As for the gizmo geeks, well at least as I pointed out the original article was looking at women who blog, and while being based on their attractiveness to the author the article itself was not inherently sexist.

The comments after were.

But that too was responded too with an over the top response.

I guess in a round about way I am saying that feminism is more than kneejerk reactions. Or at least I would hope so.

But hey what do I know I am just a White Male.

Dr. Dawg said...

Maybe, until we can neutralize the word from a gender point of view, we might try to avoid the word "bitch?"

eugene plawiuk said...

But then some of the more popular feminist bloggers like BitchLab or BitchPhd would have to change their names.

eugene plawiuk said...

It appears that I have upset the sisters above, who also blog at Bread N Roses

At least one claiming I have no knowledge of feminism. Again the failure to read a persons blog. Since if you clicked on the links on feminism you would see I have a fairly broad depth of understanding of womens oppression under capitalism and patriarchy.

However I don't beleive that the feminist argument that being male means I automatically am excluded from the debate as seems to be the bitch session occuring at BNR and of course in the inter blog war I linked too.

The attitude is that feminism is a womans issue, or that issues affecting women are feminist issues. I say they are workers issues, I oppose identity polictics defining politics as compartments, racism, sexism, classism, ageism, etc. etc. ad nauseaum.

My position as I posted here is that the womens struggle is the proletarian struggle. Read it and then tell me that I don't know about feminism, feminist issues, womens struggles etc. etc.

Identity politics is a compartmentalized reaction to capitalist exploitation and oppresssion.

Berlynn said...

Well, Eugene, I'm distressed that you would refer to the Alternet comments as "catfighting". In my read of the original piece by Liz Funk, I see a blaming the victim mentality. That is unacceptable and the feminist bloggers are not engaging in a catfight when they name it as such.

Polly Jones said...

Your analysis of women and social reproduction is good. If you have not read it, you might try Patriarchy and Accumulation on a World Scale (Mies).

Nevertheless, your post 'Bitch Bitch Bitch' is utterly disrespectful of women. Rape is one of the key mechanisms of control under capitalism. Identity politics emerge out of groups' unique experiences in this system. Rape is a lived experience for many of us. How dare you trivialize any woman's voice on this issue!

eugene plawiuk said...

I was not trivalizing rape. I was saying that the opponents of Liz Funk accuse her of promoting women as wanting rape, these were ad hominem attacks on the writer and who she choose to quote.

It wasn't so much what she said as who she is and who she hangs with. It seems that some the feminists have an ongoing fight with her. Though she too defines herself as a feminist. Something Ann Coulter doesn't.

And they avoided debating the questions she raises about the exploitation and commodification of young women, their being used to attract young men to bars. Which I thought was the point of her article. Not women should not go out to bars but how unscrupulous bars take advantage of young women, including those who are underage.

At least how I read the Alternet article. Now I could be wrong about my reading of the Liz Funk piece, if so please accept my apologies.

A similar case could be made about the racism of bars, which in Edmonton for instance have a tendency to ask Asian Canadians for ID while allowing white Canadians in without ID checks, claiming that Asian Canadians look 'young'.

There were several issues that are pertinent to bar culutre that Funk attempted to address that her critics dismissed by crying rape.

Rape certainly is an issue of power and control. Which is why it is not just a womens issue, it is also a male issue, as in prison rape, which gets overlooked by the MSM.

And it is the subtext of homophobia, that is male fear of anal sex. Fear of being on the bottom, of the pain and loss of control.

Rape is always about power and control not sex. It is about male violence.

Male culture promotes socially acceptable violence, which is why you saw lots of violence during the Oilers Playoffs from drunken males on Whyte Ave. last spring. No rapes, despite young women being encouraged to show their breasts, including on several special Whyte Ave web sites. But stabbings, fights, breaking windows, starting fires, etc.

Male violence and violent culture is the reason for rape, as it is for male on male violence. Neither are trivial.