Thursday, January 04, 2007

I Would Have Left A Comment

It seems to me that if you want to discuss someone’s ideas with them, you should do so at their blog… says Joseph at Canada's Debate, over the Cherniak posts of late; Can’t we all just get along?

I wanted to leave a comment on his blog but unfortunately it was locked.
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So here it is.

Thanks for commenting at my blog. To reiterate my points about Jason. His argument came from the right, which I wanted to point out and I could do that with a blog article and links not something I could do easily in his comments.

He has a pathological hatred of the NDP and the left in general. Regardless of his specific arguments they are quickly invalidated by his partisanship.

He makes it personal when challenged, complaining about personal attacks, which in some cases occur on his blog in the comments, but then he moderates those so he could exclude them.

I have challenged him on my blog as a leading voice of Liberalbloggers, who consistantly speaks from the right, in order to point out that not all liberals are Liberals, not all progressives are Liberals and of course conversly not all Liberals are liberal nor are all Liberals progressive.

He is a self professed political pundit so he should expect to be treated as such.

After all I do claim that my blog is about Left Wing Comment and Analysis.

I also politically challenge BloggingTories , Green Bloggers, Dippers, etc. I disagree with on my blog.


Jason Cherniak

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