Thursday, January 04, 2007

Google Cherniak

In a pitiful whine on the Progressive Bloggers Diary page Jason Cherniak claims he googled himself and found he was wanting. All the negative press he has gotten over the minimum wage debate he ascribes to character assasination, claiming it is ruining his career potential.

To all you bloggers who think I am being a cry baby or something to that effect, I suggest you think hard about what is going on here. Every time NDP bloggers disagree with me, I seem to get at least five posts questioning my integrity, compassion, intelligence and/or honesty. Few other non-professional bloggers have to put up with that.

Please show some respect and recognition for the fact that what gets posted online really does affect my future, including job prospects. For a 27-year old, that is a DAMN big deal and I will never apologize for or regret saying so.

Well I googled Jason, lets see what shows.

What he is complaining about is the MyBlahg post appearing as item number seven in this listing on JasonCherniak under Google Search. Pretty standard stuff u
ntil you go to page two....then all hell breaks out, because of Jasons comments and the responses he garners.

There is also one news story on Google News And the page is blank.

Ex-preem MacLellan didn’t get to vote for his guy, Canada - Dec 10, 2006
The members include Colin Hebb, one of Mr. Dion’s Nova Scotia organizers, Jason Cherniak, the Dion blog campaign co-chairman, and Adam Lomas, now a student ...

Jason Cherniak Google Blog Search

Not much here that is different than reading the PB and certainly nothing that would draw attention to him.

So why is he all upset? Well as a self agrandizing politcal hack perhaps his posting this on his own blog;

I suggest you take a look here. Particularly if you are a reporter.

So if Jason is slagged in the press its not because of Blogging Dippers or any other bloggers it's because of his own big fat ego and his insatiable need to draw attention to himself.

Like this link to his photo under Google Images

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

And if he is wondering why those of us on the Left consider him a whining sanctimonious partisan hack well lets not forget this post of his that started it all.....

The NDP is sick

Why does the NDP exist? What is their purpose in Canadian politics? Should a political party be celebrating because they won less than 10% of the seats in the House of Commons? Should a political party be celebrating because the group most opposed to their ideology is now in government? Should a political party be kicking out lifelong members because they do not adhere to party policy? What is the purpose of the NDP?

I will admit that I am personally biased on this. Some readers might have noted that I have no NDP bloggers on my link list. This is not because there are no good NDP bloggers. It is because I do not tend to have much time for the NDP.

Except to constantly attack the NDP and Blogging Dippers.


Jason Cherniak

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Jason Cherniak said...

It's when you google "Jason Cherniak".

Also, what was the NS Herald story? I never heard about it.

eugene plawiuk said...

Click on the link