Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Road to CWB2

I found this news aggregator covering the Tories plan to dismantle the Wheat Board in favour of granting more powers to Corporate Agribusiness to purchase and distribute Canadas western wheat and barley. Gee I wonder if he likes the idea of dismantling the Wheat Board, do ya think?!

Bob Rempel has worked for federal and provincial departments of Agriculture, as well as in all three Western provinces. He is a public relations and communications advisor with a political science background, who has had an ongoing professional and personal interest in the Wheat Board single desk debate. That mean’s he’s been watching this for some time.

CWBII has been proposed by a federal task force in October, 2006 with full implementation by 2013. The blog will watch the progress along the way with an ongoing interest in the policy decisions and the communications choices.


Wheat Board

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