Saturday, January 06, 2007

Minister of Class War

The second most dangerous appointment Harper made for workers and unions in Canada was Vic Toews as Treasurery Board president. In charge of the public service. Uh oh.

Mr. Toews also takes over the job at a time when federal unions are gearing up for another round of collective bargaining in 2007 when contracts for more than 130,000 workers expire. Mr. Harper said he picked Mr. Toews, whom he called "an economic conservative" because he wanted a skilled politician who has the skills to grasp the details and 'big picture' of such a complex portfolio

Outgoing Treasury Board President John Baird spent most of his time sucking up to the public sector unions in his riding, speaking out on their behalf when he was in opposition. So he was tainted.

His job done, in getting the accountability act passed, he is moved out as the Government begins negotiations with PSAC.

And so it looks like Harper is preparing for class war in Ottawa.

Something the MSM has overlooked just as it has with Monte Solbergs appointment.

In the reams of pre-cabinet shuffle speculation the nation's newspapers published over the last 10 days, there was not so much as a mention of Vic Toews' name... Although Toews' departure from justice is every bit as significant as Ambrose leaving environment, there had been absolutely no warning of the move, which once again illustrates Harper's masterful handling of the media.


Vic Toews

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