Saturday, January 06, 2007

RCMP Needs A Union

Here is why the RCMP needs to be unionized.
Lack of Health and Safety, lack of a grievance procedure, lack of support from the Federal Labour Relations board.

I wonder what the Mayerthorpe families will say about this since they were so gung ho to call for tougher laws. What about workers rights?
The RCMP has wrapped up a workplace safety review of the March 2005 incident that saw four young Mounties shot dead outside of Mayerthorpe, Alta.

Due to the deaths, the RCMP was obligated to perform a review of the incident and forward any resulting recommendations about officer safety to Human Resources and Social Development Canada.

Those recommendations have been sent, but haven't been released to the public. They may be released in the future, said Cpl. Wayne Oakes.

"I would think in some manner, either from HRSDC or the RCMP, there will likely be a discussion of those recommendations,"Oakes said.

The federal government's human resources department decided last March that no Canada Labour Code charges will be brought against the RCMP in connection to the tragedy.

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And another reason to put it under civilian oversight. As if another reason was needed.



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Anonymous said...

So it says you're a masonic historian.
Any info on mason's and rcmp?


eugene plawiuk said...

Yes the RCMP and regular municipal police forces being made up of Scots and Englishmen tended to be overly represented in Masonic Lodges in Canada.

For an example of Masonic political influence in Alberta, not related to the RCMP though, see; Socialized Medicine Began in Alberta