Saturday, January 06, 2007

CN in the News, Again

Back in the news is our privatized American CN railway....again.

Another accident and workers left hanging from the train above a precipice in B.C. After they promised, promised, to improve their safety record. Yep this looks a lot safer.....

A CN engine rests at the bottom of B.C.'s Fraser Canyon yesterday after a landslide caused a derailment.

A private report paid for by CN, objective that, said there would be no long term ecological impacts on the Lake Wabamum that suffered from toxic poisioning after a CN spill last year. It is being contested by the first nations peoples living off the lake.

The Paul First Nation is taking aim at a new report that suggests there will be no lasting damage to Wabamun Lake from a 2005 CN oil spill.

The report, prepared for the railway by Golder Associates Ltd., fails to properly consider the impact of the spill on traditional uses of the lake by band members, said Barry Hochstein, an environmental consultant hired by the Paul reserve.

After all the only thing CN cares about is the bottomline.

CN and CPR exceed Western grain revenue caps for crop year 2005-2006

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Anonymous said...

Well, when spills are subsidized by government (as is the case with cleanup, with insurance, gov't, etc.), but track maintenance isn't, its cheaper for the american CN to clean up spills than it is for them to properly maintain routes.

This is fact, and numerous CN engineers easily admit that it is so. I don't know why this isn't a bigger deal to people.

eugene plawiuk said...

I agree along with lack of track maintenance which goes along with cutbacks in staffing, is the attempt to automate staff positions, which has also been a reason for the accidents.