Saturday, January 06, 2007

Albanian Atlantis

In response to my article Lost Tsunami Lost Atlantis where I said; Could this have been the origin of the Atlantis mythos/meme?

I got this response at Digg.

It sure could be. The eruption of the Etna volcano 8000 years ago caused the tsunami and destroyed many cities in the Mediterranean. Also, recently there have been some findings in Albania, that along the seacoast might have been a city in the form of a circle, which could have been destroyed from the tsunami at that time. Photographs from the satellite show that along the seacoast of Albania, near the city of Durres, there is shape of a perfect circle. And the most interesting fact is that the natives call the place "Taulantis", which derives from the Illiyrian tribe that lived in the region, Taulants.

Could this perhaps mean that the lost city of Atlantis was located in the nowadays Albanian seacoast, and its real name was Taulantis?

Would this maybe reveal the truth about the Atlantis (Taulantis)?

Here is a link that shows some photographs from the satellite and the perfect circle shape:

So now we can add Albania to our growing list of possible Atalantian sites.



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