Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Babble update

The labour dispute that dare not speak its name, continues over at on their Babble page.

And it continues to be an issue with the creation of a babble counter site set up by protesting babblers, and a petition of reinstatement, for those who are outraged at the firing of the Babble editor; Audra Williamson.

And while some have said this is much ballyhoo about nothing, I would point out that this was a FIRING not a layoff. An arbitrary decision by the collective management, whose power is that they can fire each other, etu brute.

And all Audra wants is quite reasonable, workers control of her hours of work , being paid for it and not expected to do the work as unpaid overtime , which progressive management justify as 'doing it for the love of the cause'. And she is even willing to share othe work load.

People keep asking me what I want to happen. Would I go back? It feels egotistical to think in those terms when there has certainly been no indication from management that this is even a possibility. But I guess my dream result would be that babble be given 32 hours of paid moderating a week (currently it's got 24) and I get 16 of those hours and Michelle gets 16 of those hours. I would feel that we could really do some great things with babble with that much paid time, and the weight of having to constantly make subjective decisions would be lifted from me if I had an equally-responsible (as in, with as many paid hours) colleague with whom to discuss and collaborate with.

It's the story that won't die.

And shows why all workers in the Internet media, especially those that are exploited as contract workers , need the Industrial Workers of the World, the union for the rest of us.

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