Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fat Cats

Oh this is rich, King Ralph complaining about fat cats.
(let's play count his chins)

While "fat cats'' may want to spend the province's oil wealth on social programs, Premier Ralph Klein said Wednesday the average folks he's talked to appreciate some cool, hard cash. "You get some of the fat cats, you know the rich guys, saying, `you know, you should spend it on education and you should do this and you should do that.' But the guy who handles the towels says, `Hey, right on!'''Klein wants more prosperity cheques

Klein was working out at his private club. So Fat Cats want more money spent on education. Gee could that be because our school boards are in deficits in the land of billion dollar surpluses. Seems like these fat cats are not quite as fat headed as our short dumpy drunk Premier.

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