Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Harper's Bush League

The Harpocrite has taken as his play book all the wrong White House moves. Let's review shall we.

Banning the media from CFB Trenton when our war dead come home.

"It's a very fine balancing act the prime minister has to manage, communicating to Canadians that Afghanistan is not Iraq," Griffiths said. As reports of Afghan civilian and Canadian military casualties mount, "it's going to transfer that negative image of a bungled enterprise, of hopelessness, from George Bush to Stephen Harper."

The comparison came quickly Tuesday after the government ordered journalists away from the Trenton, Ontario, air base when the coffins of the four soldiers arrived.

"Mr. Bush instituted the policy of not allowing the caskets to be open to the media, and now Mr. Harper has lifted a page from George Bush's book," Ujjal Dosanjh, a member of Parliament and the Liberal Party's point man on defense, said in an interview from Ottawa. "This is absolutely unacceptable and un-Canadian. You don't build support with Canadians by trying to hide casualties." In Canada, An Uproar Over Army Casualties Washington Post,

Gagging all his ministers and then gagging the military including the CF highest ranking officer. Which some suspect is because the fix is in for a Tory pal to get the military aircraft contract and the Haprocrite doesn't want any complaining or leaks out of Hillier.

We were promised a made in Canada environment policy by the Harpocrites. Which of course was code for Not Supporting Kyoto. So instead we get a made in the USA environment policy.
Tories consider US-led effort to fight pollution

Betcha the NDP are sorry they kept harping on this; saying that the Liberals had a worse record than George Bush on the environment. Now Harper has taken Jack Layton at his word, and is aligning Canada's environmental policy with George's.

And then there is that God Bless Canada thingee he is doing at the end of all his speeches. Just like George with his God Bless America. And Tiny Tim with his God Bless us everyone. But that's ok because that most Liberal of all Liberals; Warren Kinsella gives it his blessing.

The list goes on an on, but to spare you the lengthy details here, consider this fair, balanced and objective view;
The Prime Minister who would be president

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