Wednesday, April 26, 2006

No Nukes

Twenty years after Chernobyl and Ontario is facing a massive PR campaign to approve nuclear power as a clean, green energy.

Indeed since Kyoto the nuclear industry in the US and around the world has been rubbing its hands with glee over the prospect of a renewed interest in expanding the industry.

Regardless of the financing
scheme, clean air credits are
a legitimate incentive that
will help stimulate nuclear
construction and provide a
mechanism for addressing
the challenge of Kyoto.
The status and future of nuclear
power in the United States

The reality is that nuclear power is no more safe now than it was twenty years ago. Nailed: the lie about Chernobyl's death toll

And in fact it was construction short cuts that resulted in Chernobyl failure as it did with Three Mile Island and Hanford in the U.S. Short cuts made to save money. Nuclear power is all about making money, not creating safe energy.

In fact the United States promised twenty years ago it would pay for the sarcaphogus to cover Chernobyl, but that too is another broken promise, caught up in the crony capitalism that has overtaken the Ukraine.
Ukraine to demand new tender conditions for Chernobyl casing

I have had three Westinghouse coffee makers fail on me in less than a month, why would I trust them to build a nuclear reactor. And they are one of the major builders of nuclear power plants. The CANDU is safer and better constructed but it too is problematic as we found out at Pickering.

I am not against nuclear power in principle, I am opposed to it as it is now, and as if functions under capitalism. The principle is to make a profit, to cut corners at all levels of construction and post construction safety. Radioactive materials cannot be profitabley disposed of, so they will be disposed of at the expense of communities and watersheds. The plants are operated until they become a liability, and only then are they taken offline, glowing in the dark from excess radiation.

Top executives are out amid huge cost overruns at Pickering

Nuclear power production is frankly irrational. It is using the 18h century principle of steam turpines as applied to the 19th Century power generation by boilers, and powering it by steam created by superhot radiation.

In other words nuclear power is simply tacked onto the old model of coal and gas fired power plants. That's like putting a kettle over a lava flow to make tea.

Think nuclear power is clean, reliable and affordable...sure but at what cost.
Chernobyl monitoring to go on at least 50 years - chief doctor

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