Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Same Sex Marriage Attacked in Alberta, Again

Never say never. Ted Morton wannabe Premier,former member of the inner circle of the Reform Party and Stephen Harpers mentor, is using this sitting of the legislature to mobilize the social conservative base in the PC's to gain support for his leadership bid.

Already the alerts are out and the email campaign has begun by the Save Straight Marriage types. You see Morton has cleverly introduced a private members bill that attacks
Same Sex Marriage

And the right wing neandrethals are mobilizing the emails and phone banks, the church brunches, and the gatherings at Gus's Garage to get the word out to lobby their MLA's in support of Mortons bill which Lifesite News says; " would offer protection to those who oppose homosexual “rights.”"

Not Same Sex Marriage, homosexual rights (you have to drawl on hoooommmooosexual to get the full effect). And why is Morton doing this, knowing private members bills usually have zip possibility of passing in the house, especially controversial ones. Well when you are running for party leader as a backbencher (not even trusted to be in the cabinet) on a beer budget what a better way to get free publicity and campaign support than being a shameless opportunitst.

Yep that's Morton. Shameless.

How do you spell loser....M O R T O N

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