Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Conservatives Revolt

Ah there are signs of intelligent life in the Conservative party. The Harpocrite faces a revolt in his backbenches, about time too....Harper defends ban on images of coffins

Caucus rebels against Harper media ban as soldiers' bodies return
'Don't believe the government,' says Manitoba Tory

Gee thanks for the advice, I never do.

This is the picture that the Harpocrite doesn't want you to see.

One of the four Canadian soldiers killed Saturday in Afghanistan arrives at CFB Trenton yesterday. Photographers and reporters viewed the ceremony from the road.Return of fallen soldiers not meant for public eyes

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1 comment:

Jan_ from_ BruceCounty said...

Myron Thompson advocates shooting someone? Wow, he's a loose trigger. That sure sounded intimidating. Thank goodness we have gun control in the country. We don't want any blowheads shooting their hardware off, to make a point. Do they have metal detectors for those inmates?