Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Censorship and Murder

CTV reports that police have censored a website frequented by the girl and her boyfriend accused of murdering a family in Medicine Hat. Site asked to delete postings in Medicine Hat case

Meanwhile, Edmonton police have asked a popular teen-oriented chat website to delete postings from two people accused in the murders.

Before the material was removed, it showed disturbing statements from the accused 12-year-old girl, who cannot be identified under provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

"WelcomeToMyTragicEnd" and "Are you stalking me? cuz that would be super" -- a line made popular by the film "Van Wilder" -- were among the messages the girl posted on

The girl's profile included pictures of her in dark Goth makeup and described her as being 15.

But in doing so they are trying to limit media from learning more about the two accused killers whose persona exists in public space. Which is still censorship by any other name. It is this very public persona, at least in the girls case, that reveals to the public meaning to an otherwise meaningless act. Even if that meaning is not what it seems.

In a 23 Feb entry on her blog, she wrote: 'I go crazy if I'm kept inside my house for (too) long.' In another photo, she can be seen holding a gun up to the camera, professing her love for goth, punk and death metal music. Accused killers met on vampire website
Electric New Paper, Singapore

The girl cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, but in the small city of 56,000, her identity is no secret. Some have been shocked by newspaper revelations that she met her co-accused in a Goth vampire chat room on the Internet. According to a friend who spoke to the Calgary Herald, the girl met Steinke online at a website that caters to "Gothic industrial culture" and claims to have over 500,000 members. The website features blogs and online journals by people with user names such as SuicideOfLove, TeenageOddity and RottingNails who share feelings of depression, loneliness and anger mixed with gallows humour.Accused killers' `blank stares' anger watchers

Yes they had blank stares, like Kurtz in Apolcalypse Now; "The horror, the horror".

The fact that the girl was getting into a Goth Persona further shows that she was getting into an inconography of horror as I pointed out yesterday. Before the inevitable blaming game begins let us understand the she was attracted to goth as an expression of a psychic state she was already in. And as such was "not herself".
She was costuming herself to change her age, to appear older, to disappear into another self, which Goth socially allowed her to.

Prof. Corrado is quick to point out that it's not the Goth culture that creates these violent acts, but rather that susceptible teens are drawn to culture itself.

The Goth culture, he said, is attractive to teenagers who have problems fitting into the classic high school personalities, such as jocks, cheerleaders, GQ-kids, and have often been victims of some sort of bullying.

For girls, he said, the increased cultural impact of violent characters in video games, television and in real life has also had an impact. He said it reached a turning point in Canada with the 1997 killing of Reena Virk by Kelly Ellard.

Such actions have a contagious effect in society, he said, which may account for the increase in female violence in Canada. More girls being charged with violent crimes

She and her boyfriend reveal all of the conditions of shock and horror of those whose acts have overtaken them.

Handcuffed, shackled and dressed in a prison jumpsuit, the 12-year-old accused of killing her family fidgeted, but showed no emotion yesterday in court.
Moments later, before being read his three murder charges, her 23-year-old boyfriend, Jeremy Allan Steinke, had to be admonished by provincial court Judge Darwin Greaves to stand as he slumped into a courtroom bench.
When asked if he had a lawyer, or if he understood the charges against him, Steinke replied quietly, his voice barely audible to the back of the courtroom.

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