Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Was It Kinsella Or Cherniak

It seems that the slimy blog slanders of Jason Cherniak and other desperate Liberalbloggers against Parkdale-High Park NDP Candidate Cheri DiNovo have made it into official Liberal Party of Ontario press releases.

Coincide? I think not.

Mud flies in west-end by-election

Sylvia Watson, the Toronto city councillor running for the Liberals, issued a news release questioning the values of Ms. DiNovo, a minister and community activist. The release, under the headline "NDP by-election candidate compares the media's treatment of Karla Homolka to the persecution of Jesus Christ," quoted portions of one of Ms. DiNovo's sermons out of context and described the remarks as "previously hidden." During a campaign stop in the riding yesterday, Premier Dalton McGuinty refused to answer questions from reporters about what critics were quick to describe as a smear campaign. The release had been handed out to the news media by a member of his staff earlier in the day.

Liberal ministers called in to battle High Park minister

Amid NDP and Progressive Conservative charges of mud-slinging, McGuinty defended the tactics."Look, it's a tough by-election for us," the premier told reporters at an event held at the High Park home of prominent Liberal strategist Peter Donolo. "We're going to fight as hard as we can."

Warren Kinsella who also spread these slanders on his blog, is an advisor to McGuinty.

Peter Donolo is a staff member of the polling company Strategic Council, who is used by Liberal dominated Globe and Mail/CTV/Bell media.

So who was the staffer that wrote press release made up of quotes from Cherniaks blog? Was it Cherniak himself? Perhaps wordsmith Kinsella?

And is this the reason the Liberals are so desperate?

Inquiring minds want to know.

A tip o' the blog to The Progressive Right for this.

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Jason Cherniak said...

Funny. I thought they were quotes from Rev. DiNovo's mouth.

How in hell is it "slander" to say that I disagree with a person. Are you suggesting that there is no room for debate in theology?

Joshua Kubinec said...

Cherniak, my suggestion to you is to stop talking before you dig yourself an even deeper hole. Your not questioning anyone's theology, and the quotes you said came from DiNovo's mouth were almost certainly taken out of context and twisted to suit your own self interest.

Face the facts man, you tried to take a dishonest swipe at DiNovo and you got caught. Tough break kiddo.

Better luck next time.

Stephen said...

DiNovo's comments have quite obviously been twisted for sordid political reasons into a shocking claim she compared Homolka favourably with Jesus Christ.

Intent on disgracing themselves, Kinsella and Cherniak not only ignore the plain meaning of her words, but also the relevant norms of logic and theology, not to mention basic decency.

It is particularly hypocrtical that Kinsella, whose blog lists Christ as one of his heroes, would show such disregard for the commandment forbidding the bearing of false witness against one's neighbours.

eugene plawiuk said...

Jason wants it both ways he wants his smears to be seen as political then he wants them to be part of some theological discussion. Either way they are ad hominem attacks, quotes taken out of context to justify your partisan political campaign for your candidate. The fact they made it into an official press release for your candidate and from the McGuinty office well who done that eh? Anwser the question. And of course you would not be doing this if DiNovo wasn't running. What a sanctimonious hypocrite. And a slanderer.