Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Did They Practice Safe Sex?

MacKay invited Rice to accompany him to his home district where polite but cheeky protests greeted the pair.Other signs made light of the tandem visit by the two unmarried diplomats. "Condi + Peter Make Love Not War," read one, decorated with a large, red heart.

MacKay could not have given Rice a warmer welcome. The two had dinner together in the town of Pictou on Monday night and were up early on Tuesday to tour its picturesque waterfront.

Rice described the renewed relationship as an "alliance" that has never been stronger.

MacKay and Rice seemed to hit it off on a personal level throughout the two-day visit, which ended in MacKay's home riding of Central Nova.

Rice said she spent Monday evening at Pictou Lodge Resort - an oceanside retreat that features log cabins and fine dining - leaving her window open to enjoy the ocean breezes.

In the morning, MacKay led her on a waterfront tour, which included a stop at the local Tim Hortons.

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