Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Off To Global War We Go

The Blogging Tories and other commentators on the right claim that Harper is not a George Bush finger puppet, that Ottawa is not the White House North. Someone should tell Condi Rice that. The Harper military foreign policy has been made in the White House.

Rice said the freedom that Canadians and Americans enjoy increasingly depends on "freedom in other lands." She said the U.S. is now engage in a "great global struggle to determine what ideas will organize the 21st century." As a result, Canada's alliance with the United States must become global in scope, she said. "We are employing our alliance to serve great purposes," she said, citing the work of Canadian and American troops and officials in Haiti, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Where is our super secret J
oint Task Force 2 ? Why they are still in Iraq of course.
And you didn't think Canada had troops in Iraq.

Iraq 2003-Present

It was widely speculated that JTF2 was in Iraq, working closely with fellow Special Operations Forces units the SAS and Delta Force. These speculations were confirmed Thursday March 23, 2006 by The Pentagon and the British Foreign Office when they both commented on the instrumental role JTF2 played in rescuing the British and Canadian Christian Peace Activists that were being held hostage in Iraq.
And their motto seems to fit Harpers new macho military stance....The Joint Task Force 2's motto is Facta non verba, Latin for "Deeds, not words."

The security environment within which Canada must exist for the foreseeable future is characterized by global dominance exercised by the United States of America. This dominance is, however, likely to be challenged periodically by trans-national groups and non-state actors who will employ asymmetric tactics and strategies to achieve their goals and objectives – groups that will not necessarily be constrained by funding or technology, or western morals and ethical standards.

Joint Task Force (JTF) 2, a Tier 1-capable unit, acknowledged by the Chief of the Defence Staff as a counter-terrorism and special operations unit capable of deploying abroad for the conduct of special operations
Trained at the notorious School of the Americas special forces centre in the U.S.

Canadian, U.S. Soldiers commemorate Special Forces operations

Available for secret covert operations elsewhere that the Americans want us to go.

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