Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Afghanistan Where Do The Party 's Stand

From Don Newmans Politics on CBC Newsworld yesterday here is the position of the Federal Political Party's opposed to the NDP policy of challenging the change of our troops from Peacekeeping to Warmongering.

B.Q. We must meet out commitments and not cut and run
Liberals: We must meet out commitments and not cut and run
Conservatives: We must meet out commitments and not cut and run
Don Newman: We must meet out commitments and not cut and run

So now we know who is in favour of this war. And who is agin it.And yes even the BQ said that. Funny huh the BQ defending the Canadian State.They Support Canadian Troops in Afghanistan.....cause none of them are from Quebec.
Wonder what their line will be when troops from Quebec go to Afghanistan starting in December.

The BQ should change their name to BC....Bloc Conservatives, since they have kept this minority government in power. Of course what did you expect from a united front party that was created out of the Mulroney Conservatives.

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Lord Kitchener's Own said...

This wasn't really too helpful to me, as I've already decided not to vote NDP this time around as I have in the past.

However (and I'm serious here) have you considered doing a run down of where the Liberal leadership candidates stand on Afghhanistan? You and I disagree entirely on the Afghan mission, but I figure that makes you an excellent person to turn to to find out the various leadership hopefuls' stands (which are exceedingly hard to pin down).

We'd have the exact opposite opinions no doubt on which of their stands were best, and which worst, but I'm sure you'd have an accurate accounting of where they all fall on the spectrum.

eugene plawiuk said...

Thanks for the tip I will look into as you said its like playing pin the tail on the donkey. Just like their shifting positions on the environment, Quebec, etc. Iggie is the worst for this. However his position on the mission is that he voted for it.

Brison and Kennedy want a review. They had a love in over the issue on CTV's QP. But I will look into it over the next few days.

Especially if I can bug the shit out of Liberalbloggers. There is something you and I can agree on.