Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Should Liberal Leader Be Bilingual

A lot of flack over the Sunday Liberal Leadership debate in French. Even before the debate Liberalbloggers were asking; How important is bilingualism in a Prime Minister

In her column on the Liberal debate
Chantal Hébert says; "But that also means that they are more than ever on the lookout for a leader who would hit the ground running and hold his own in French and in Quebec against Gilles Duceppe, Jack Layton and Stephen Harper in a matter of months, not years.In a party that had a paucity of qualified bilingual candidates, Gerard Kennedy or Scott Brison's French might pass although Ken Dryden's would not, even in those reduced circumstances. But in a party that offers a perfectly fluent trio of top-tier candidates, aspirants whose second language turns to gibberish under pressure simply don't make the grade."

While the whole question of biligualism has been focused on the candidates ability to speak French, it should also behoove the Liberals to make sure all the candidates can speak Canada's other offical language.

If they did this guy would be disqualified.

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Radical Centrist said...

Stéphane Dion's English is fine. He has a pronounced accent, but his syntax, grammar, etc., are superior to Jean Chrétien's, for example.

eugene plawiuk said...

Really how could you tell rhe rarely speaks in English. I thought his breaking into English in the French debate was just to show he could. And in that cse his grammer and syntax wer far from fine.