Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Who This Blog Supports For Liberal Leader

A lot of my pals in the ProgressiveBloggers.ca are also Liberalblogs. They are all fussing and fuming over who shold be leader of the Natural Governing Party. Of course there is no derth of candidates for them to endorse. And perhaps their endorsements may help push some delegates to the convention one way or another.

This is an anarchist blog, so while I give critical support on occasion to political parties it is usually the NDP. With a nod to the Greens. Since I came across this blog and this blog / I now know I can be a Liberal Anarchist.

So for the first time ever I will now announce my endorsement for the best candidate for Liberal Leader. I know I blogged previously about supporting Ignatieff but that was tongue in cheek paraody.

This is a serious endorsement. Liberals need to rally around this guy as leader or their party is doomed.

Yes I know he is dead. So is his party. The Liberals success as the NGP was the renewed Party he created. It is his coattails they surfed on right through the Chretien era. Under Martin they abandoned Trudeauism. Now you have Leadership candidates playing to Quebec Nationalism for votes. This ain't Trudeaus party anymore.

And until a charismatic poltical chelia comes along and revieves the party it like the Post Mulroney Conservatives is doomed to wander in the wilderness. Why? Because the Harper Conservatives have already accepted the Martin formula for asymetrical Federalism.

And this weekend the NDP actually ingrained it in their platform.

So Trudeau style Federalism is dead. And so is the Party that he used to enforce it. None of the current candidates is worthy of Trudeau's mantel because none of them has his vision to renew the party.

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