Tuesday, September 12, 2006

You're Kidding Right?

James Bowie master of the ironic must be kidding, right? Check out what he says about this video...

This is the highest quality multimedia stuff we've seen from any candidate in the race so far. Vince's campaign has been a leader in innovation and in use of the Internet. The other candidates are struggling to keep up with the Internet Generation. This just goes to show that Vince is the guy to lead Thunder Bay in the 21'st century. It's about progress.I was honoured to attend Vince's campaign launch last night. I'll let the video speak for itself about this fantastic event. No nee to take my word for it. Anyone who didn't take Vince seriously before now should

The video is a bomb. The opening is a miscellanous crowd scene like a badly done amatuer YouTube wedding. And then there is a still photo of the candidate, more bad wedding crowd scene, image messaging....but there is NO VOICE OVER....opps. "Highest quality multimedia stuff" ironic right.

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1 comment:

Vince Riccio said...


While I would not classify my work as being anything more than just an expression of ideas, I would agree that James was 'liberal' in his praise. In relation to what other candidates were doing, which was no videos whatsoever, it was certainly a step above the rest. Thank you for taking notice of our campaign and I wish you all the best.